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Last (2015) (Complete)


Nonton Film Online

Info: IMDb Rating: 9.2527 Views Directed By:Jo Nam-Kook Cast:Yoon Kye-Sang, Lee Beom-Soo, Park Won-Sang

Sinopsis :

Jang Tae Ho is an up-and-coming fund manager, but fails in a stock market scheme. A gang goes out after Jang Tae Ho to recoup their investment and Jang Tae Ho has nowhere to go. He becomes a homeless and stays around Seoul Station with other homeless men.
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  • another

    ga bisa d putar min

  • Onli Gerald

    min kok the last ship gak perna di update??/

  • Maria Hawk

    episode 13 nya kapan ya ?

  • Ayu Andriani

    Min Last eps.13 & 14 Video Not Found

  • Tom Rolando

    mantaps…makasih min

  • D̶A̶

    ini kenapa eps 7 serterusnya ga bisa di play? ada web lain buat liat ga si?

  • Putu Wali

    Eps 4 subtitle nya slh min..
    itu pny Eps 1

  • sutji

    error semua

  • SlayBeat

    episode 1 ga bisa min